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In 1974, I was on a summer break from school looking for a job to help work my way through college. Don was working with his family doing wood floor sanding and finishing. We got together refinishing wood floors for the Chicago Public Schools. A Federal program was created to stimulate the economy and they provided the funds to the C.P.S  for remodeling  the old school buildings that had not been remodeled in decades.  We worked in this program for over 10 years and refinished hundreds of schools all over the city. They all had the original maple flooring throughout the entire buildings. It was very hard work, but I loved it.  We would  also do refinishing in old vintage homes in the city and other nearby suburbs. Taking an old floor that had seen better days and restoring it to it's full glory was very inspiring and after seeing the appreciation and amazement from our customers, I was hooked.

 After my schooling was done, I went into the trade full time, not knowing where it would lead. Wood flooring in homes was coming back into popularity and in 1983, I started my own refinishing company called "The Mad Sander" . In 1987, Don and I teamed up and opened "The Hardwood Floor Store". We then became more involved with installation and selling wood floors. Our goal is to bring  quality products, the highest level of  service and professionalism possible to a trade where there were only a hand full of good companies around. We have seen a lot of changes in our time and we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of new products, techniques and technology. We are charter members of the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association). 
                                                  Wayne Morrison       
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